for Adults

Many of us, whether we grew up with Christianity or are coming to it as adults, find ourselves wanting more than one good sermon on a Sunday and our personal Bible reading and study to help us on our journey of life.

We want to broaden our understanding by sharing our questions, difficulties and insights with others, and by listening to scholars, whether they be theologians, philosophers, linguists, historians or scientists.

Our Adult Education Ministry Team organises a variety of courses with the needs and interests of participants in mind:

2016-17 Course Programme:

26 November Explore your creative side

Come and spend a  day together filled with inspiration, creativity, being together and stillness.Each December the advent wreath forms a focal point in our worship. It has all the essential traditional elements – a candle for each Sunday in Advent and one for Christmas Day and evergreen leaves formed into a ring, but there is always a little something extra for us to reflect on.

This year the theme for Advent is ‘The Still Point’ and is about resting on the journey.
Come and have fun making a communal Advent Wreath and bring your ideas for that ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Past courses/events have included:

  • Victory and Peace or Justice and Peace? based on a study course published by John Dominic Crossan
  • Violence and Family Law a talk by Peter Devlin
  • Religious Question Time: The Abrahamic Traditions with speakers from the Muslim and Jewish as well as the Christian faith.
  • What the Spirit is saying to the Churches? based on a discussion paper produced by URC General Assembly
  • Hymnody: a talk by Revd. Dr. Colin Thompson
  • Bible Study course: St Peter led by Revd. Tanya Stormo Rasmussen
  • Short Fiction on Faith – based on 4 stories from God:Stories edited by C Michael Curtis and led by Dr Joel Rasmussen
  • Religious Question Time – with a panel including: Clare Downing, Martyn Percy, Lucy Gardner, John Fox, Colin Thompson
  • Art and the Life of Faith in the Golden Century of Spanish Painting (1560-1660) – A short series of talks by the Revd Dr Colin Thompson
  • Discover Dietrich Bonhoffer – A short course based on the book ‘Life together’ by Dietrich Bonhoeffer led by Dr Joel Rasmussen (of Oxford University and a member of this congregation)
  • The Gospel of Mark –  An in-depth look at the shortest and earliest Gospel based on the commentary by Marcus J. Borg “Meeting Jesus in Mark” (5 sessions)
  • Lent 2012 Lecture series – 6 Sunday afternoon lectures hearing how other denominations practice the christian faith. Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Quaker, and URC.
  • The Book of Amos – a short, 3 session bible study
  • Lent 2011 Lecture Series – 3 Sunday afternoon lectures hearing how other faiths come to God. Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.
  • Vision 4 Life – series of occasional workshops exploring materials prepared by a URC steering group on Transformation through The Bible, through Prayer, through Evangelism.
  • The Letter of James – a short, 3 session bible study
  • The Beatitudes – a bible study based on the book “The Beatitudes From The Back Side” by J. Ellsworth Kalas
  • Faith Enquirer Course – a 5 week course led by Tony Tucker, Peter Pay, Colin Thompson, Elaine Kay and Richard Mortimer.
  • Moods of Prayer – a 4-week course led by Revd. Susie Snyder
  • Living the Questions 1 & 2- a 7 week course led by Tanya Rasmussen
  • Lent 2009 course – York Study course ‘Faith, Hope and Love’