Cogwheel Project – latest

We’ve reached the end of the beginning and the beginning of… well not the end yet but the real action has started. (Read more about our Cogwheel Project here.)
We’ve cleared out a lot of ‘stuff’ and the builders are on site.
We’ve turned the church into a multi-user space so that all our users can arrange furniture to suit their activity.
We marked the beginning of this new phase by arranging our flexible worship space last Sunday facing east but we will be facing south (and the screen) again next Sunday.
Some of the reactions so far have been “Wow isn’t it spacious” “this feels good” “I didn’t even notice the table tennis table was in here now”.

There have been (and surely will be more) minor glitches but we are meeting these as they arise. If you want to ask a question about anything to do with the project or just to give us feedback feel free to make your comment here:

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