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Sermons (17)

For all the Saints
Preached by Nigel Hawkes on 3rd November 2019 (Sunday Morning).
Courage to love
Preached by Colin Thompson on 19th August 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Sheep and Goats
Preached by Laurence Devlin on 26th November 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Be worthy of your calling as disciples of Christ
Preached by Pauline Main on 16th July 2017 (Sunday Morning).
New Year's Day 2017
Preached by Colin Thompson on 1st January 2017 (Sunday Morning).
60th Anniversary of Ordination of John Sturney
Preached by John Sturney on 18th October 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Year B
Preached by Colin Thompson on 2nd August 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost
Preached by Colin Thompson on 26th July 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Preached by Mark Williams on 15th March 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Preached by Tanya Stormo Rasmussen on 4th January 2015 (Sunday Morning).
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