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Sermons (20)

Gird up your loins like a warrior
Preached by Laurence Devlin on 8th July 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Faith to carry us through suffering
Preached by Cara Heafey on 1st July 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Church Anniversary Sunday
Preached by Michael Hopkins on 24th June 2018 (Sunday Morning).
World Refugee Day
Preached by Colin Thompson on 17th June 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Nothing can separate us from the love of God
Preached by Pauline Main on 3rd June 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Born of the spirit
Preached by Mark Williams on 27th May 2018 (Sunday Morning).
The language of love
Preached by Colin Thompson on 20th May 2018 (Sunday Morning).
First - abide in God's love
Preached by Cara Heafey on 6th May 2018 (Sunday Morning).
The A-Z of Fullproof Gardening
Preached by Daphne Preece on 28th April 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Encountering the risen Christ
Preached by Pauline Main on 15th April 2018 (Sunday Morning).
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