Latest News from The Cogwheel Project

We are delighted to share the news that local friend and historian, John Fox, launched the new Cogwheel Rebuilding Project at the Church Fete in May. Planning permission has been approved for a new space, to be called THE MULBERRY ROOM, which will replace the out-dated annexe at the back of the church. We are also forging ahead with preparations for improvements to the existing buildings.

In tandem with the planned major improvements at the parish church of St Mary’s, the URC new-build is intended as a community resource with comfortable space for gatherings of up to 20 people. Co-operation between the churches in Wheatley is now long-standing and facilities are readily shared. The Mulberry Room will offer opportunities for activities such as social gatherings, workshops, focus groups, break-out areas and will complement the currently well-used church hall. Here also will be found a place of stillness and meditation.

Fundraising is progressing well, thanks to many generous donations and also to external grants. Individual and corporate offers of financial support are being sought in order to pave the way for this exciting village project.