Blended Worship Booking Form

We can accommodate a maximum of 28 on the floor of the church, 4 in the gallery (more if a family group) and 8 in the Mulberry Room.

It is therefore essential to book a place for attending church in person.

Send another form for each date you require. If you later find you cannot attend in person, please let us know. 

    Please adjust for the date of the service for which you wish to book now

    How many will sit together in your household group

    If all places on the floor of the church are fully booked...

    Would you be willing to sit upstairs in the gallery?

    Would you be willing to follow the service on the TV in the Mulberry Room?

    Do you have any special needs? (optional - check all that apply)

    Is there anything else we should be aware of related to this booking?