Xpedition – Wheatley Holiday Club – 1st-4th Sep.

Bookings are now open for this summer’s holiday club!
We’ve been working on a great programme for you all based around the theme of ‘Journeys’ so we’ve called it ‘Xpedition’.
This year will be a bit different as it will be for those in secondary school (or about to start secondary school).

It will be based in 3 evenings 6pm to 9pm Thursday 1st to Saturday 3rd September and there will be an option to stay overnight in St Mary’s church on Saturday through to Sunday morning 4th September finishing with an early morning worship service on Sunday.

Each evening there will be games (of course), a chance to explore some of the great journeys in the bible and what they mean, and special activities will include:
– BBQ,
– wide-games at Brill Windmill
– movie night
– night hike

– all culminating in a special Fusion Holiday club worship service at 8am on Sunday morning (family welcome to join us for this of course). 

So if you are (or will be) aged between 11 and 18 on September 1st Book now
Date: 1st-4th September (3 evenings plus optional sleepover) Note this is between the late summer bank holiday and the start of school.Venue: St Mary’s church Wheatley
Details: see poster attached or for further details please speak to Brandan, Mark or Phyllis
Parental consent is essential. 
Book here now!https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BSEARysfSo-lGZRWDn9qUyEbFVRZss-qtkZKoLsJBbg/edit