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Sermons (21)

"Follow me"
Preached by Laurence Devlin on 25th February 2018 (Sunday Morning).
Broken and remade by the wilderness
Preached by Colin Thompson on 18th February 2018 (Sunday Morning).
In the Beginning...
Preached by Cara Heafey on 7th January 2018 (Sunday Morning).
The difficulty with Forgiveness
Preached by Pauline Main on 17th September 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Dreams, Blessings, Miracles
Preached by Colin Thompson on 6th August 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Earth Connected with Heaven
Preached by Colin Thompson on 23rd July 2017 (Sunday Morning).
"The dry irrigation of the wilderness"
Preached by Colin Thompson on 5th March 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Walking in his way - through the darkness - toward the light
Preached by Nigel Appleton on 21st February 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Second Sunday after Pentecost Year B
Preached by Tanya Stormo Rasmussen on 7th June 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Abraham and Sara
Preached by Tanya Stormo Rasmussen on 1st March 2015 (Sunday Morning).
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