Worship & Witness

Our hope is to be a Christian fellowship, open to God’s call, seeking spiritual growth, working, worshipping and witnessing in the heart of the local community.
Ours is a thoughtful, reflective kind of faith, not seeking or expecting easy answers or direction. We expect to think for ourselves. We look for guidance through prayer, from the Bible and from the church’s past experience, but we do not limit the truth of God to our reach of mind.  We read and study the Bible and Christian teaching in order to become more open to the love of God working within us.

We welcome the advances of science that bring new insights into the world around and within us, though we may have questions to ask and concerns about ethical implications. We listen to what the world is saying because it is God’s world and we are not afraid of change. We want to grow more like Christ, to build our lives and our communities around his peace, his mercy, his healing, his justice and his love.

Our worship leaders help us to consider many approaches to worship, through Bible study, through liturgy, music, art, poetry and silence. We try to learn from other denominations and other faiths. We hope to share our faith by personal contact, by social concerns and by our actions. We aim to ensure that Church life is full of spiritual riches, fellowship and compassionate care.

Our main weekly service of worship takes place each Sunday morning in the church at 10am. Other worship services include Sunday evening services and early morning services of prayer & reflection. Special services for Advent & Christmas, Lent & Easter are arranged in the appropriate season,  often in conjunction with other churches in the area.

Sunday Morning Worship

The whole family of the church gathers to worship on Sunday mornings. Children are encouraged to participate in all worship and a Sunday School and creche are available.  Joint services with our Local Ecumenical Partners are arranged several times per year. Please see our Church Calendar for more information about these.

A selection of sermons are available to listen to ‘online’ or read as a transcript.

In a typical month then, Sunday morning services follow this pattern:

  • 1st Sunday – Morning Worship with Holy Communion
  • 2nd Sunday – Morning Worship
  • 3rd Sunday – Morning Worship with Holy Communion.
  • 4th Sunday – Morning Worship
  • 5th Sunday – Morning Worship

Sunday Evening Services

Two evenings in the month, a simple evening worship in Taizé-style is held in the home of church members Richard & Christine Bainbridge from 8pm. Please see our Church Calendar for more information about these. 

Everyone, of any denomination, whether regular churchgoers or not, is welcome to experience an example of simple worship in the home.  The form adopted is based on a religious community in Taizé, a village in France, which seeks to reconcile Christians from different nations and traditions.   If you wish to ask about it beforehand and/or to get directions please phone Richard or Christine on 01865 872868.

Services of Prayer & Reflection

Early morning services of prayer & reflection take place weekly on Thursdays at 8am. All who attend are invited to share breakfast.

A Sunday service of prayer and meditation is held each month on the third Sunday at 8:30am.

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