Church Membership

It is our tradition and understanding of the gospels that guided by the Holy Spirit, we live, proclaim and witness to the life of Jesus Christ both as individuals and collectively. It is the meeting together of committed Christians that forms the church. Without the members there would be no church.

Church members commit to supporting the church through giving, through action, and by taking part in the church meeting as well as regular attendance at public worship.

For more on the United Reformed Church’s approach to church membership, there is a useful booklet you can download from the national URC website: Join the family

What do I need to do to join Wheatley U.R.C.?

If you have been attending Wheatley URC for a little while and find you are drawn to being more fully committed, do speak to the church secretary or one of the elders about becoming a member.

If you are already a member of a URC congregation elsewhere then we can organise a transfer of membership to this congregation. Otherwise you will probably want to know more about us and about the URC before you make your final decision.  We hold periodic new member classes to help enquirers and new members learn more about what we believe; what the benefits and responsibilities of membership are; how you can expect to grow and feel empowered as a member of this church; and how your membership can make a difference in this community and in the world.