Pulse Youth Group

PULSE is a youth group and fellowship for 11-16 year olds in Wheatley and the surrounding villages.
We meet every week 6:30pm-8:30pm in the URC in Crown Square (during the pandemic we have continued to meet online).

Young people of any faith, denomination or none are welcome.

Week by week, Pulse alternates between games evenings and discussion evenings. The aim for the Games evenings is to build each other up through board games and team games. In the Discussion evenings we examine a range of topics, often based on expert talks online, to explore themes through listening to each other.  There are Trips Out and Film Nights once a term, and an annual worship service to which all churches in the village are invited through Wheatley Area Churches.

Leadership is shared between the youth teams of Wheatley Community Church and Wheatley URC.

A selection of recent discussions:

‘Youth Alpha’

Youth Alpha Course

‘Finding our Place’

We began by watching the Disney Film ‘Queen of Katwe’ carefully looking to find the challenges faced and overcome by Phiona Mutesi who grew up in Katwe, a slum area of Kampala, Uganda and who became a Chess Champion. How was she able to Find Her Place?  


‘Inventing ourselves’

How language shapes the way we think – Lera Boroditsky

Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, TEDxGenova – Louise Evans (Jackal vs Giraffe)

The Trolley Problem – Michael Sandel

The small child’s trolley problem

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