Pulse Youth Group

PULSE is a youth group and fellowship for 11-16 year olds in Wheatley and the surrounding villages.
We meet every week 6:30pm-8:30pm in the URC.

Alternate weeks we focus on games evenings and Discussion. There is always a break for snacks and drinks and sharing news, concerns and anything else on our minds. Tel: 01865 876288 for further information.

17 December 2019

Past Dicussion Topics (a selection)

Inventing ourselves

What do babies think? – Alison Gopnik
How brains make moral judgements – Rebecca Saxe

Lessons from the longest study on human development – Helen Pearson

Do you really know why you do what you do? – Petter Johansson

Helping Others makes us happier, but it matters how you do it – Elizabeth Dunn

The Mysterious workings of the adolescent brain – Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

The linguistic genius of babies – Patricia Kuhl

How language shapes the way we thin

How language shapes the way we think – Lera Boroditsky

Communicating with ourselves and others

Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, TEDxGenova – Louise Evans

“Good’ and “bad” are incomplete stories we tell ourselves – Heather Lanier

You aren’t at the mercy of you emotions – Lisa Feldman Barrett 

Why do we believe things that aren’t true – Philip Fernbach

Historical Myths – John van Wyhe

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes – Adam Leipzig

What males us feel good about our work – Dan Ariely

The lost art of democratic debate – Michael Sandel